A Guide to Window Cleaning

If you are a homeowner with houses that have hard to reach windows or if you are a building manager whose building property has a glass fa?ade which needs washing, it's wise to hire a professional window cleaner to do it for you.


When you are prospecting professional window cleaning services, there are specific standard procedures that you expect to happen. First, you should get their price quotes.  Professional window cleaner can always accept the phone inquiries.  You should expect to give details such as the size and number of windows to be cleaned, condition and kind of the window and their accessibility or location.


The professional window cleaner like LaborPanes Charleston can provide a firm price quote over the phone if the windows are standard in size and made of conventional materials found in the natural ton access areas.  For the sophisticated jobs, the professional cleaners prefer giving the price estimated over the phone and also providing firm quotations after inspection of the windows or after delivery of the service.  The cleaner is supposed to confirm if there is the need for individual cleaning solutions or if special equipment is required to access the windows.


The professional window cleaners rate their prices depending on the number of windows cleaned. The typically set a minimum fundamental service fee and later add charges depending on the size of the windows, difficulty in cleaning since some windows may have hard water stains or extreme dirt build on them and also the accessibility. Windows accessories like storm windows, screens are charged an extra fee. Visit this website at and learn more about cleaning.


The day of service delivery, homeowners should ensure that they clear the objects from the windows that could obstruct the access to the cleaners. Some of the window cleaners are okay with making the objects, but others are not.  The clearing also eats up time of the cleaner so its better if spent on the actual cleaning of the windows, learn more here!


All professional window cleaners have their standard cleaning solutions. The homeowner may, however, have a preference for given brands which they may request the owner to use. It may also happen in cases where the homeowner prefers using the eco-friendly cleaning solutions.


When you want to hire the professional window cleaners, it is advisable that you retain the licensed professional only.  You should also go for the bonded professional companies to enable's you make insurance claims in case of messed up jobs.